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    MagicSoft Streamer ver 2           [ 23 January 2017 ]
MagicSoft Streamer ver 2 (new software release)

      MagicSoft Streamer is an application for live IP streaming designed for distribution and contribution
      that fulfills the demands of professional IP broadcasting.

      The supported compression are MPEG2 and H264 and the IP output can be:
      UDP, RTP or RTMP (for Web distribution by using Wowza, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch etc).

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.6.0           [ 12 January 2017 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.6.0 adds :
      Additional support for audio sampling rates with 20 and 24 bit
      Better support for H264 codecs for 8 bit and 10 bit

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.5.4           [ 15 October 2016 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.5.4 adds :
      Better stability for audio monitoring in Windows 10
      Improved behavior of the history of the recorded files

    MagicSoft CG ver 7.3.0           [ 15 October 2016 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 7.3.0 adds :
      Improved text parsing algorithm for tickers

    MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.1.0           [ 15 October 2016 ]
MagicSoft Cleaner ver 1.1.0 adds :
      Better stability for audio monitoring in Windows 10
      User interface translation for Turkish

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.5.0           [ 22 August 2016 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.5.0 adds :
      Support for newest Decklink driver ( 10.7.1 )
      Several mpeg2 profiles for SD PAL ( bitrate of 15 Mb with GOP 12 and bitrate of 25 for I-frame GOP)
      Possibility to insert new custom profiles that we can deliver as .prf files by email, at request
      Improved stability when CPU usage goes to 100% for an extended period of time

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.3.9           [ 9 July 2016 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.3.9 fixes preview issues caused by impossibility to allocate the required amount of video memory

    MagicSoft Playout ver 6.8.14           [ 10 June 2016 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 6.8.14 implements a new module for handling incoming live input that achieve compatibility with all versions of Decklink drivers (starting with ver 9.7).

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.3.8           [ 26 May 2016 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.3.8 implements an improved auto-detection mechanism for on-the-fly switching between different video modes

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.3.6           [ 23 May 2016 ]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.3.6 adds :
      Workaround for screen corruption when ATI latest drivers are used (caused by Raptr utility)
      Better management and logging for situations when the PC encounters power off
      Support for Decklink drivers version 10.6.5
      Improved naming scheme for the saved files.

    MagicSoft Playout ver 6.8.11           [ 19 May 2016 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 6.8.11 adds improved stability for Decklink drivers version 10.6.5

    MagicSoft CG ver 7.2.11           [ 18 May 2016 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 7.2.11 adds support for Decklink drivers version 10.6.5 and some corrections for Arabic text used on tickers and 2D text items

    MagicSoft CG ver 7.2.8           [ 20 February 2016 ]
MagicSoft CG ver 7.2.8 adds improved stability for Decklink drivers version 10.5

    MagicSoft Playout ver 6.8.10           [ 25 January 2016 ]
MagicSoft Playout ver 6.8.10 adds improved stability when using the newest Intel processors (socket 1151)

    Incremental release           [ 2 November 2015 ]
In order to match the new drivers from Decklink and improve the stability, we have updated the packages for the software :
      Playout ver 6.8.8
      CG ver 7.2.7
      Recorder ver 1.3.3

    Playout release ver 6.8.8           [ 14 July 2015 ]
Added possibility to assign an aspect ratio of 4/3 or 16/9 to the SD clips when inserted into a HD playlist.
The assignment can have any value by default and can be overwritten by the settings of the folder that contains the clip.

    CG release ver 7.2.6                  [ 26 June 2015 ]
Improved stability related to the BlackMagic Design drivers version 10.4 and better license management of the USB dongle in case of using non-Intel USB chipsets.

    Recorder release ver 1.3.2         [ 19 June 2015 ]
Auto-reconnect for remote sessions with Mozilla Firefox browser and improved license management.

    Recorder release ver 1.3.0         [14 June 2015]
New module "Web Browser Remote" added for monitoring and managing the channels by using a web browser.

The desktop supported platforms :
      Windows 7 (or newer)
          - Chrome
          - Mozilla Firefox
          - Opera
          - Palemoon
          - Internet explorer 10 & 11
      MacOSX 10.6 (or newer)
          - Chrome
          - Mozilla Firefox
          - Opera
          - Safari

The mobile supported platforms (for both mobile phones and tablets):
      iOS (ver 7.0 and newer)
          - Safari
          - Chrome
      Android ( ver 4.2.2 and newer)
          - Android browser
          - Chrome
          - Mozilla Firefox

    Recorder release ver 1.2.3         [3 June 2015]
Added H264 low bit-rate profiles for 1080i conformance recording :
     - .mts container (transport stream that can be viewed during recording)
          - 1920 x 1080i at 4 Mbs
          - 960 x 540 at 2 Mbs
     - .mp4 container
          - 1920 x 1080i at 4 Mbs
          - 960 x 540 at 2 Mbs

    Recorder release ver 1.2.2         [28 May 2015]
Fixes the resizing problems of the main preview that may occur for some GPUs at lower resolutions.

    Recorder release ver 1.2.1         [23 May 2015]
Added features :
     - support for H264 AVC-Intra 100 in .mxf container
     - profiles for upconverting from SD (PAL or NTSC) to 1080i (by preserving the interlacing)
     - lower rate profiles for conformance recording (as TS H264) at 2 Mbs for SD ( for both PAL and NTSC)
     - lower rate profiles for conformance recording (as TS H264) at 4 Mbs for HD ( for both 1080i50 and 1080i59.94)

    Recorder release ver 1.2           [17 May 2015]
New features added:
     - support for Aja Kona ( 3G / 4 LHi / LHe Plus ), Aja Io 4K device and Corvid ( Corvid / 44 / 88 / 22 / 24 )
     - new GUI that can be resized for fitting onto a laptop screen ( minimum supported resolution is 1280 x 768 )
     - module for "TimeCode and NLE support" ( requires an additional license and applies for all the channels of a dongle)

"TimeCode and NLE support" module enables :
     - GPI support by serial ports ( USB to RS232 works as well)
     - possibility to capture use any type of timecode ( LTC / VITC / RP188 / RS422 )
     - inserting “marks” like points of interest of the recorded materials
     - possibility to save the marks (and the dropped frames) into XML projects for importing into the timeline of the NLE software
               Adobe Premiere
               GrassValley Edius 7
               Apple Final Cut Pro
               Sony Vegas

    CG release ver 7.2.5                  [15 May 2015]
Fixes the rendering problems of tickers when using animated smileys (also applies for Arabic and scripting fonts)

    Playout release ver 6.8.5           [9 Apr 2015]
Fixes the possible problems of displaying alpha channel of the clips ( for setups with Decklink cards that uses driver ver 10.4 )

    Recorder release ver 1.1.1         [25 Apr 2015]
New features added:

- an auxiliary program for collecting information about the sytem configuration
         It can be accessed by clicking "Help -> System Info"

- extended logging capability that covers all the actions of the user interface

    Recorder release ver 1.1.0         [21 Apr 2015]
New features added:

- an additional tab (next to "Scheduler"/"Storage Management") for displaying the list of the recorded files.
         For each file the status is shown and also the potentials problems that had occurred ( signal lost / dropped frames / ...)

- displaying the total number of dropped frames on the user interface (associated with each selected preset)

- drop-down list to select the order of the strings that are used for composing the name for the recorded file

    CG release ver 7.2.3
                     Playout release ver 6.8.4         [9 Apr 2015]
MagicSoft CG (7.2.3) and Playout (6.8.4) extends the capabilities of the associated reporting application to work for both
Win32 and Win64

    Recorder release ver 1.0.1         [9 Apr 2015]
MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.0.1 adds support for XDCAM in mxf container (mov container is also supported).
An incremental upgrade is freely available in the download section.

    CG release ver 7.2.2
                     Playout release ver 6.8.3         [8 Apr 2015]
MagicSoft CG (7.2.2) and Playout (6.8.3) adds support for Decklink driver 10.4.
This driver fixes the keying problems for Decklink Studio 4k and it can be find in the download section of the website.

Decklink Studio 4k supports the following keying modes when the driver ver 10.4 is used :
- SD : internal and external keying mode
- HD : internal key

    MagicSoft Recorder ver 1.0    [5 Apr 2015]
MagicSoft Recorder is an ingest application designed for the broadcast and post production markets.
It is particularly useful for multicam ingest and conformance recording because it supports up to 4 different video inputs
and each input can support 2 simultaneous recordings. The installer kit and the video tutorials are freely available on the website.

    CG release ver 7.2.1                      [25 Feb 2015]
MagicSoft CG implements now a better mechanism for reporting the problems in order to improve the technical support

    Playout release ver 6.8.2              [25 Feb 2015]
MagicSoft Playout implements now a better mechanism for reporting the problems in order to improve the technical support

    CG release ver 7.2.0                      [22 Feb 2015]
Extended support for reading from text files with up to 15.000 characters to be displayed by the ticker.
Improved support for rendering the ticker content by using a GPU rasterizer which also allows you to use kerning.
Improved reporting mechanism for the CG Manager to handle additional potential problems related to the CG server

    Playout release ver 6.8.0              [22 Feb 2015]
Added support for playing formats like 1280x1080i59.94 for DVCPRO HD.
Improved refresh algorithm of the playlist grid . From now, the algorithm has separate cases for short lists (under 100 items) and long lists (over 10.000 items).
Improved reporting mechanism for the Playout Manager to handle additional potential problems related to the Playout server.

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