Television broadcast software
Character Generator, Playout, Schedule Software

    MagicSoft  Playout 

Magicsoft Playout is a broadcast application with a client-server architecture.
It's suitable for 24/7 playout to be used by movies, music and news channels, allowing to insert commercials and switching between multiple live video.
The internal video engine will automatically resize, match the aspect ratio and transcode the media files and the live inputs in order to match the output resolutions (supporting SD / HD / 4K output).
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    MagicSoft  Recorder 

MagicSoft Recorder is an ingest application designed for the broadcast and post-production markets.
It is particularly useful for multicam ingest and conformance recording because it supports up to 8 different video inputs and each input can support 2 simultaneous recordings (that can be SD / HD / 4K).
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    MagicSoft  CG 

MagicSoft CG is a broadcast application used to easily create, display and control a variety of different graphics projects including Lower-Thirds, Tickers, Logos, Crawls, Clock and Rolls - essentially every graphics needed for day to day operating a TV station.
All SD, HD and 4K video modes are supported for broadcast quality in a 3D working environment GPU-based rendering that allows you to manage simultaneously multiple projects.
It supports GPI, RSS and Twitter feeds, scripting and TCP/IP commands.
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    MagicSoft  Gateway 

MagicSoft Gateway is an application aimed at transporting video/audio content inside the studio and over the internet.
It bridges the gap between coaxial cable signals like SDI/HDMI and IP protocols like UDP / RTP /RTMP / SRT.
MagicSoft Gateway support all the video resolutions from SD, HD to 4K.
The processing chain includes video transcoding between all supported video formats and resolutions.
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    MagicSoft  Streamer 

MagicSoft Streamer is an application for live IP streaming designed for distribution and contribution that fulfills the demands of professional IP broadcasting.
It supports up to 4 video inputs using Decklink, Intensity, AJA or Corvid cards.
The supported compression are MPEG2 and H264 and the IP output can be UDP, RTP or RTMP (for Web distribution by using Wowza, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch etc).
When streaming UDP or RTP, the streams can be captured with dedicated hardware (Tandberg TT1260/RX1290, Ericsson RX8200, Amino A140 etc ) or by using our receiver software that can decode and output to a Decklink or Intensity card.
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    MagicSoft  Cleaner 

Magicsoft Cleaner is a comprehensive tool for ensuring that the content and the technical characteristics of the video and audio signals are suitable for broadcasting. Magicsoft Cleaner assists in the prevention of broadcasting unwanted content, such as nudity or indecent language and provides additional options for video legalization, color correction, insertion of logo, safe area previewing and audio monitoring.
It works for SD or HD setups by processing the video on 10 bit and up to 16 audio channels.
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